My Penguin App To Be Released May 9th

Hi Peeps! You may have heard rumors going about this “My Penguin App” for mobile devices. I am happy to tell you that this rumor is true!! Here is proof and a summary of sneak peeks. The app will be released on May 9th for Apple iPad.

Firstly, we saw Spike Hike tweet a picture of where his penguin was located on Club Penguin. We also saw the location on our buddie’s locations, which was a glitch, but made us wonder what this “My Penguin” location could be!


Then Spike Hike tweeted this picture of himself on this mysterious “My Penguin” app. We were also told it was going to be an app.We can also note that there was a My Penguin-exclusive sushi tray next to him! It also said “52” which was how much sushi he had.


Then we found out what the sushi meant! Each day we logged into the My Penguin app, we would receive a bit of sushi!


Then there were more sneak peeks…


Not so long after that, Spike Hike was able to confirm on the Club Penguin Blog that the App will be released soon and will be available for iPad!

Here is the post.




By Spike Hike on April 24, 2013 – 12:31 | Comments (126)


Hello Penguins!

I’ve had a secret that I’ve wanted to share with everyone for almost a year… Today I can finally share it with you!

Some of you may have seen me show up occasionally in the Friends list from a place called “My Penguin.” A few of you guessed that it may be a secret Club Penguin app on mobile… You were right!!! 

I’m excited to tell you that our new iPad app is coming soon!

The first version of “My Penguin” will let you play some of your favorite mini-games, shop from the catalog, and change your Penguin’s outfit . The app is totally connected to Club Penguin, so your Penguin, clothing and coins will be shared whether on mobile or the web.

That’s just the beginning, too… We’ll be updating the app regularly and bringing more of the Club Penguin world to the app throughout the year!! Stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates on “My Penguin”!

Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team


It seems that we will be able to buy clothes, equip clothes, play various games from Club Penguin, see who of our friends are online, watch videos and read the blog on this app! Then there was also a sneak peek post, not long after that post.

Here it is.



By Spike Hike on May 1, 2013 – 11:56 | Comments (145)

Hey Penguins, I hope you are having as much fun in the Marvel Superhero Takeover as we are!! It’s so awesome seeing so many heroes (and even a few villains) on patrol!!
To get in the spirit, I decided to dress my Penguin as Tiki Hulk. What do you think? Anyone want to join me in the Tiki Avengers?!! 

To get set for the party, I used the My Penguin app’s full screen player card. Trust me on this – it is awesome!! Touch makes it so simple and so much fun to style your Penguin’s outfit. And it’s all connected to, so changing your outfit on iPad will also change it online automatically. Cool, huh?
We can’t wait to get this app in your hands…and we will be doing it next week.
My Penguin launches May 9th. And best of all, it’s free to download!!

It seems that we will be able to download the app for FREE and whenever we change our clothes on this app, it will automatically change them on Club Penguin as well, and vice versa.

Here is the final post, showing the My Penguin App exclusive-Sushi Drop game that will be released only on the app along with the release of the app.


By Spike Hike on May 3, 2013 – 15:08 | Comments (34)

Since the announcement of My Penguin, many of you have commented on something unusual in the screenshot. What is this plate of sushi for?!!

Is it to feed your Penguin? Or your Puffle? Or something else entirely?
Well the secret is finally out!! Sushi Drop is a brand new game that is exclusive to My Penguin. When you use the app by reading the blog, watching a video, or playing a game, you get rewarded with sushi. The more you use My Penguin, the more sushi you can collect.  Each piece of sushi gives you a turn in Sushi Drop. You can drop your sushi and nudge it by tapping to make bubbles in the water.

If you hit a fish on the way down, you earn coins. On the water’s bottom, there are clams hungry to eat your sushi. (Wait, do clams eat sushi??!!) The bigger the clam, the bigger your reward.

You can earn coins and even items by playing, and the items you can win can are only available in Sushi Drop!! It’s quick, fun, and a great way to earn rewards that you can use in Club Penguin!!

We can’t wait for My Penguin to come out next week – May 9th – for iPad!! I know many of you are on iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android and we hope to get there one day soon.  We have lots of surprises for mobile this year in store and this is only the beginning!!!
Until next time….Waddle on!!
– The Club Penguin Team


EPIC!! It seems that we will be able to earn a piece of sushi every time we read the CP blog, watch a video or play a game on the My Penguin App, and then we will be able to play a game of Sushi Drop! We can drop sushi into the water and then tap the iPad screen to form air bubbles which will cause the sushi to move in the desired direction. You have to keep doing this, until you hit a fish, and you will earn coins, and feed it to a clam at the water’s bottom, we can earn much more coins, judging on how big the clam is. We can earn coins and even items at the end of the game and ITEMS THAT ARE EXCLUSIVE TO THE MY PENGUIN APP!! 🙂  Unfortunately, not everyone has an iPad, so Club Penguin are hoping to release the My Penguin App on Android, iPhone and iPod touch. 🙂

I can’t wait for the My Penguin App to be released! What about you? Tell me your thoughts below in the comment section.







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