Club Penguin Awesome Guide Giveaways Page

Hi Peeps! This is the CPAG giveaway page, and I will often be giving away lots of Club Penguin codes here! If you like CP codes of any type, this is sure the right place to come.
Here are the rules and tips:
1: If you win the code, please don’t wind up other penguins about it and please comment below with a picture of proof.
2: If you don’t win, don’t worry, I hold giveaways a lot!
3: If you can’t see the code when it is meant to be published, please refresh this page.
4: About 5 minutes before the giveaway, make sure to be on the Club Penguin Membership page, already imposing as if you was about to unlock a membership, otherwise you will sadly be too slow and someone else will for sure win.
5: Whatever you odds, have LOTS of fun!

This time around, I have a 1 month CP membership for you! Here is the code:

May the odds be ever in your favour!



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