Club Penguin Hydro Hopper Cheats

Hi penguin pals! Moomoomax14 here, and i’m here to give you the guide on Hydro Hopper.

First of all you have to waddle over to the Dock on the Club Penguin island! Second of all, walk over here.

just about to enter hydro hopper

If you want to enhance your game play and you are a Member, click the game upgrades poster to buy a wakeboard for  300 coins each!

hydro hopper game upgrades

You will need to wear one of them on your penguin before you enter the game to enable you to see it in-game.

Then click on the Hydro Hopper boat.

Once you’ve clicked on “Yes” click on play.

play hydro hopper

Once you’ve clicked play you will be able to play!

Move your mouse to move yourself about and click to jump over things!


Click ready,  then start! It will look like this:


To get an extra life:

These are your lives, you will see them in to top left corner of you screen

That’s a quick little guide on Hydro Hopper! I hope that helps you if you don’t know how to play!

Warmest wishes and coldest fishes!


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