Joining Club Penguin!

So you have heard EVERYONE talking about this awesome game, Club Penguin? Well, If you don’t know Club Penguin is an extremely popular MMPORG game (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) normally known as a “virtual world”.Club Penguin has a wide range of games, players, and fun activities.

BUT… How to join and play?

Here I quite simply show you how to join Club Penguin and start playing!

1: First Go Onto A Search Engine, Simply Type In The Letters “C” And “P” As One Word And Then, Hurray! A Number Of Results Show Up. Click Club Penguin And Then You Will Be Directed To…Well…Club Penguin,XD!

2: Secondly( If You Don’t Already Have An Account), Click The Button That Says “Play Now” And Then ” Create A Penguin”.

3: Now Pick A REALLY Creative Name. Try To Include The Names Of Hobbies That You Like In Your Username. Also, At The End Of Your Username (Nowhere Else) You Can Put Some Numbers ( The Numbers Included Could Be Your Favourite Or Lucky Numbers)Or, The Whole Name Could Be Just Completely Random Or Something That You Were Just Thinking About/Watched/Read. REMEMBER, You Must NEVER Include Your First, Second Or Last Name Or Age! Also, You Should Recognize That Not ALL Names Will Be Accepted! If Your Username Is Not Accepted By A Moderator It Will Show Up With A “P” And To The Right Side Of It, A Combination Of Numbers. Don’t Worry If Your Username Is Not Accepted For A Few Days! That Doesn’t particularly Mean That Your Username Wasn’t Approved. It Might Just Mean That It Hasn’t Been Moderated Yet! However, If It Stays Like That For More Than Seven Days, Your Username Most Likely Wasn’t appropriate For The Game. Never mind! Please Also Note That If You Go On Another Server That Isn’t Your Language (e.g French etc) Anyone’s Username Will Show Up With The “P And Numbers”. Finally Note That You Can NEVER Change Your Username Unless Within EXTREME Circumstances!

4: Next, Pick Your Favourite Colour From The Boxes. But, Remember That Anyone ( Members And Non-Members) Can Change Their Colour Within The Game If They Have 20 Coins, Go To The Clothes Shop And Buys A Colour Out Of The Penguin Style Catalog! Then, Just Enter Your Inventory And Click The Colour To Wear It! Your Signing Up Colour Will automatically Stay In Your Inventory From The Moment You Start Playing Club Penguin.

5:Third To Last, Choose A Password So You And No One Else Can Access Your Account On CP! It May Seem Unrealistic But, Some People Have Actually Used Their Username As Their Password! NEVER EVER Do That!!! Instead, Pick A Strong Password That Has Lowercase And Uppercase Letters ( eg c & P), Use Some Numbers In between Words ( e.g BLA146BLA453BLA)  And Finally, Use Some Symbols ( e.g !”£$%^&*etc). Remember, You Can Always Change Your Password By Clicking On The ” Forgot Your Password” Button On The Login Page! Remember, If You Are Using A Public Computer To Play CP (e.g library computer), Never Click The Remember Your Password Button, As To Avoid Hackers. Only, Use This Button On A Computer That No One Else But Your Immediate Family Uses!

6:Second To Last, Retype Your Password Choice In The Second Box Directly Underneath.

7: Finally, Enter Your Parent’s ( Or Your Own) Email Address In The Last Box And Triple Check That Is Correct. Look At Your Account Choice And Make Sure You Are Happy! Then Check Both Of  The Boxes And Click, Next! You Will See An Approval Message. Go To The Designated Email Address And Choose Wether You Would Like Your Penguin To Be Safe-Chat Or Standard-Chat and Click One Of Them. Then Click Activate; You Will Be Lead To The Club Penguin Website and Then Again, Click Activate! Then, Click Play Now And Log In With Your Username and Password! A Friendly Penguin Will Show You How To Use Club Penguin! Have Fun!

I Really Hope This Helped!




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