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Penguin Of The Day (July 31): Need4speed67

Hey Peeps! Pen Quen on Report! I know, it’s been a loooong time since I last posted, but I’m back on blogging again!

So today it’s Wednesday and the 31st of July, the last day of this month! And of course Daffodaily5 posted the next Penguin Of The Day, the last for this month! And the lucky penguin is… Need4speed67!  Congrats! Let’s see why Daffo selected this penguin:



You all know I love hearing about friendly penguins and Need4speed67 is exactly that! He’s especially known for complimenting other penguins on their outfits. Well, my friend, we all think your outfit is ace and stripe-tastic!

Penguin of the Day nominations can be sent via the Contact Us page!
-Club Penguin Team
Well done Need4speed67! 😀 I’m sure you have a lot of friends!
Tommorow it’s the 1st of August! Who will open the “Penguin of the Day” List for August?Stay tuned until tommorow! Also, make sure to leave your comment below and tell me what you think!
Waddle On and Have Fun!
Pen Quen22 out! 😉

Club Penguin Updates Tonight!- Star Wars Takeover Coming

Hey Everyone! I’m SO excited, because the Star Wars Party is on the final lap right now! 😀 In some hours the Island will update and the Death Star will approach even closer Club Penguin. We will become Jedis or Siths! Of course, this isn’t the only update! Yes, there are more updates and here they are:

  • New Pin coming
  • Party Catalog will come with some new cool costumes!
  • Maybe a new EPF message (I think from Cadence 😉 )
  • The WHOLE island will change and more new party rooms will be added
  • Maybe rsnail will log in! (YAY!!! :D)

Who’s ready for the upcoming party? Well I am! I’ll log in as soon as I can and ummm… I don’t know which side I will choose! :/

Until I choose my side, why don’t you leave your thoughts of the Star Wars Party and tell me the side you’ll choose in a comment below? It will help me a lot I think! 🙂

Waddle On and Have Fun!

Pen Quen22 out!


Penguin of the Day (24 July): Bulala3star

Hey everyone! Pen Quen on report! 🙂 Today it’s the 24th of July and we are in the middle of this week. Of course we have a new Penguin Of The Day and it’s Bulala3star! Congrats! Well, let’s see why Daffodaily5 selected this penguin this time, by reading what she wrote in the Club Penguin Blog:


By Daffodaily5 on July 24, 2013


Bulala3star is a great explorer, a huge puffle lover, respects the rules of CP and always has fun playing with friends! What a wonderful Penguin of the Day. Ace igloo too!

Contact the team if you think your friend should feature on the blog!


-Club Penguin Team


Ha ha! Well done Bulala3star! 😀 They really are a great penguin! Remember, if you want to nominate a penguin for POTD, you can do so by emailing

I wonder who will be the next great penguin tomorrow? We will just have to wait and see!

Waddle On and Have Fun

Pen Quen22 out!

Penguin of the Day (July 22): Walkervaner

Hey Penguins! Today it’s Monday (new week!) the 22nd of July, and this means a new series of Penguins Of The Day coming! 😀

Yes, Daffodaily5 posted the next Penguin Of The Day on the Club Penguin Blog, and it’s Walkervaner! Now, we’ll see why did Daffodaily5 select him as the new Penguin Of The Day. Let’s read!:


By Daffodaily5 on July 22, 2013


We love receiving fun and inspiring emails from our players! Walkervaner always writes to us with so much enthusiasm for CP. They are a dedicated member of the EPF and an all-round ace member of the CP community! 🙂

Contact Us to share your Penguin of the Day nominations.


-Club Penguin Team


Congratulations Walkervarner! It seems your bright ideas are so helpful to all! 😉

So, for this week 4 penguins left to be chosen! Who will they be? It might be YOU next time! 😀

Waddle On and Have Fun

Pen Quen22 out! 🙂

Penguin Of The Day (July 19th): Agenco

Hey Peeps! It’s Pen Quen! Sorry for not posting, but I had some problems, that blocked me from blogging. So today, I’ll post yesterday’s Penguin Of The Day, who did something amazing to help other children, and I mean Agenco! Let’s see what Daffodaily5 posted on the CLub Penguin Blog:


By Daffodaily5 on July 19, 2013


The team and I are always proud of our players, especially when you like to help others. Agenco did a 3KM walk to raise money for kids in his local area, which is so inspiring! Great work!

Contact Us to let us know who you think should be PotD next!


– Club Penguin Team


Congrutulations Agenco for being Penguin Of The Day! 😀 So happy to see that you did this to help other people! 🙂

Who do you think that should be the next POTD?

Waddle On and Have Fun!!

Pen Quen22 out!