How To Obtain The Rockhopper’s Keys Pin

Hi Peeps! On Club Penguin, sometimes a penguin pirate named Rockhopper will dock up at the Beach for some of CP’s parties with his ship, the Migrator. There are a couple of awesome rooms to explore, you go downstairs to the hold and then find a door! The door is probably locked for you!

This is what the room looks like inside.

club penguin captains quarters

In the room, you can play the game “Treasure Hunt” and view the noticeboard, as well as relax and chat with your friends! So, are you wondering how to enter this room?

Here is how you can get into the room.

Firstly, waddle into the Club Penguin Times office from the Coffee Shop, via the Town.

book room

Then, click on the brown bookcase with books on top of it, and then click the book named “The Journal Of Captain Rockhopper”.

the journal of captain rockhopper

Flick to the very last page of the book and click the keys and then “Yes”.

captains quarters key CP

This is what the pin looks like on your player card.

captains quarter key on PC

Congratulations! You can now access the Captain’s Quarters room and play Treasure Hunt!





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