Playing Club Penguin – Waddling Around, Dancing, Waving, And Sitting Down!

So Now That You Have Signed Up, You Are Wondering How To Play This EPIC Game! Here I Show You A Guide And Pictures On Great Tips For Playing Club Penguin Like A PRO!

1: The First Step Is To “Waddle Around”. Move Your Mouse To The Specific Location You Want To Move To And Click! Your Penguin Will Move To The Spot ( Penguins Can’t Fly So Don’t Bother Clicking On The Sky, XD). To Waddle Into A Room, Simply Click On The Door! Also There Is A Simple Cheat To “Stand On The Door”! Some Seconds Before You Enter The Door After Clicking, Click On Penguin Mail Which Is Next To The Newspaper And Stay On Penguin Mail For About 10 Seconds! You Will Be Standing On The Door! Simple, But Effectively Fun. You Can Also Use The Map At The Bottom Left Of The Screen To Direct To Another Room! Trust Me, It Is More Advanced To Waddle Around And Is A Lot Better, Unless If You Need To Go To The Dojo Or Iceberg Which Neither Of Can Be accessed By Waddling!


Waddle 1Waddle 2Door WaddleMap

2: Now Waddling Gets A Bit Boring So Try Out Some Cool Moves! You Can Dance, Wave Or Even Throw A Snowball! To Dance, There Is A Tab Icon That You Can Open Up And Click The Penguin Dancing To Dance, But It Is SO Much Easier To Just Take Your Place, Stand Still And Press “D” On Your Keyboard! To Wave, There Is Also A Tab With A Penguin Waving But Again, It Is SO Much Easier To Just Stand In Place And Press ” W” On Your Keyboard. To Throw A Snowball, There Is AGAIN A Tab! Just Click “T” On Your Keyboard Once And A Target Will Show Up. Move It Around And Aim It And Then Click Your Mouse. This Allows You To Have Great Snowball Fights With Your Friends At The Snow Forts. Note That This Method Will Only Shoot ONE Snowball At A Time! But I Have Got A Excellent Secret That I Haven’t Told Anybody Else. Just Hold Down “T” On Your Keyboard And Keep Moving The Target Around And Shooting Snowballs. Don’t Take That Finger Off The “T” To Keep Throwing Snowballs And Be The Champion Of Snowball Throwing! Finally, To Sit Down, Stand In Place And Click The “Down” Button On Your Keyboard!


Dance  WaveTarget 2Throw Snowball



I Really Hope This Helped beginners On Club Penguin And Other People Wishing To Know How To Acquire Special Moves etc!




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