Club Penguin Game Guides

Hi Peeps! Here you can look at my Club Penguin Game Guides and see how to play Club Penguin Games! Click a game to choose it and see how to play it.

Aqua Grabber Cheats

Astro Barrier Cheats

Bean Counter Cheats

Bits And Bolts Cheats

Card-Jitsu Cheats

Card-Jitsu Water Cheats

Card-Jitsu Fire Cheats

Card-Jitsu Snow Cheats

Cart Surfer Cheats

Catchin Waves Cheats

Dance Contest Cheats

DJ3K Cheats

Find Four Cheats

Hydro Hopper Cheats

Ice Fishing Cheats

Jet Pack Adventure Cheats

Mancala Cheats

Pizzatron 3000 Cheats

Puffle Launch Cheats

Puffle Rescue Cheats

Puffle Roundup Cheats

Pufflescape Cheats

Sled Racing Cheats

Smoothie Smash Cheats

System Defender Cheats

Thin Ice Cheats

Treasure Hunt Cheats

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