Playing Club Penguin-Using Emotes And Communicating

Hello Peeps! On Club Penguin Chatting Is Almost The Paramount Point Of Club Penguin. So Be You A Standard Chat Or Safe Chat Penguin, It Is Very Useful To Know How To Use Emotes And Be Able To Communicate! Here I Show You How To Use Emotes And Communicate Through Phrases Or Word Of Mouth.

1: On CP, People LOVE Using These Things Called “Emotes”! They Use To Express How They Feel, Feeling How They Are In Real Life( e.g sick etc ) Or Just As A Penguin ( e.g confused ). Here Are Some EPIC Tips to how to use emotes. Click on the winking yellow face on the chat bar at the bottom of your playing screen and you will see a list of 21 emotes. Click on one to display it above your penguin for everyone to see for about 5 seconds.

emotes cp

Also, at every party from January 2013, there are three special party emotes, ones that are only available for the duration of the party.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least for the emotes, there are many shortcuts to using these emotes, as well as secret emotes! 🙂

Here they are.

Press E+1 to use the Laughing face emote.

Press E+2 to use the Smiley emote.

Press E+3 to use the Straight Face emote.

Press E+4 to use the Frown emote.

Press E+5 to use the Surprise emote.

Press E+6 to use the Sticking Out Tongue emote.

Press E+7 to use the Wink emote.

Press E+8 to use the Green Sickly Face emote.

Press E+9 to use the Red Angry Face emote.

Press E+0 to use the Sad Face emote.

Press E+F to use the Flower emote.

Press E+G to use the Game emote.

Press E+H to use the Heart emote.

Press E+P to use the Puffle emote.

Press E+M to use the money emote.

Press E+L to use the Good Luck emote.

Press E+C to use the Coffee Cup emote.

Press ! to use the ! emote.

Press ? to use the ? emote.

2: Now we move onto the most popular aspect of Club Penguin-Chatting. On Club Penguin, whether you be a Standard Chat penguin or a Safe Chat penguin, you can both have fun chatting. When you created your account, you would have selected whether you wanted to be a “Standard Chat” penguin or a “Safe Chat” penguin. Standard Chat penguins can type sentences or words in the chat bar and click the bubble button to broadcast their message to anyone on Club Penguin who is also a Standard Chat penguin, unless the text is somewhat inappropriate or is involved in hacking the game. Standard Safe chat’s can also use emotes and the Safe Chat phrases at the side of the screen. Safe Chat penguins can only use emotes, use the Safe Chat phrases, and messages that are broadcast by another Safe Chat penguin. Safe Chat basically means that you will stay slightly safer on Club Penguin, because you can only choose from emotes and Safe Chat phrases to say things on Club Penguin and there is no way that you would be able to say anything about yourself on CP! Nevertheless, Standard Safe chat is just as safe, thanks to Club Penguin’s chat filter, and CP’s wide array of Moderators, who closely guard the Servers on Club Penguin.

Here are the Safe Chat phrases to choose from. Roll over each one to find more phrases. Click one to broadcast the phrase to both Standard Safe chat and Safe Chat.

cp safe chat phrases

At all parties, at the very bottom will be a selection of party phrases, only available for the duration of that specific party.

If you want to change if you are a Safe Chat penguin or a Standard Safe Chat penguin, even after you have joined up to Club Penguin, click on the silver bolt at the far-right of the chat bar, and then click “Manage Account”. You will be directed to the Parent Account area. If your parent doesn’t yet have a parent account, you will need him/her to set one up for themselves. Want to know how to do this? Click here to find out how to create a Parent Account. The role of a parent account is to view how many bans your Son/Daughter has received, you can set up a timer for your child’s account to stop them playing too long, and a couple of other useful features, such as switching from Safe Chat to Standard Safe chat or vice versa. Anyway, if you already have a parent account, log in with your email address and password, and then you will find yourself on the main page.


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