How To Obtain The Friendship Bracelet On Club Penguin

Hi Peeps! Club Penguin is a massive community with players from all over the world playing, so what better way to show that you are part of the CP community then wearing a colourful Friendship Bracelet? The item is for Non-Members and Members and is completely free. It is also a permanent item, so you can ALWAYS obtain it.

Here I show you how to get the “Friendship Bracelet”.

1: Firstly, waddle into the Club Penguin Times office (AKA Book Room), via the Coffee Shop in the Town on Club Penguin.

club penguin times office

2: Then click the book case next to the big cream chair and the brown, square desk. Click on the book named “Rockhopper and The Stowaway”.

click rockhopper and the stowaway

3: Keep clicking the pages to change pages and go to the very last page. You will find the Friendship Bracelet. Click on it and then click “Yes” and “OK” to obtain it.

obtain the friendship bracelet

4: This is what the Friendship Bracelet looks like on your penguin and your player card (It is a hand item).

friendship bracelet on pc and on penguin

Fun facts: Did you know that the first person to wear the Friendship Bracelet was Bambadee? Also, the Friendship Bracelet was first released on March 9, 2007 along with the book, “Rockhopper and The Stowaway”.

I hope you enjoy your Friendship Bracelet and wear it to signify how you are a friend to everyone on Club Penguin.

Have a nice day!




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