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Club Penguin is closing

Hey guys,

Coollegoguy4 here. On 27th January 2013, I created this blog – I wanted to become famous on Club Penguin, and to help people go about their time on Club Penguin I doubt many, if anyone, are reading this blog now – but if you do read this, I’d like to thank you. This has been an amazing era, there have been so many parties and we’ve all made so many friends. Thank you to the game that made our childhood.

Waddle on,



Club Penguin Reveals Hiring Contributor

Club Penguin Reveals is a developing and ambitious site which is always looking to expand. Club Penguin Reveals recieve hundreds of thousands of views every year, and have gained a positive reputation in the community. The site has been operating for several years and, combined, there is more than a decade of experience. I’m Coollegouy4, an editor here, and one of my key objectives at the moment is to assist penguins in exploring the Club Penguin Island, through the aid of tutorials. While I and the rest of the team work hard to maintain the production of these pages, we really could benefit from some assistance.

Therefore, Club Penguin Reveals is looking to hire a contributor. This role involves:

  • Producing and submitting appropriate tutorial pages for Club Penguin Reveals. I will moderate the contributions before they are published.
  • Editing existing tutorial pages for Club Penguuin Revealls.

Becoming a contributor will help to build a reputation on this site, in Club Pengin, and perhaps even on the Internet. If you are wishing to form an Internet friendship, I and the rest of the team will be happy to have a friendly chat. Additionally, joining Club Penguin Reveals as a contributor may increase your chance of future opportunites, and those who demonstrate outstanding may be upgraded to the role of author which will allow those applicable to update the Club Penguin community with news.

Please comment below if you are interested, and more details will be given. Please provide your contact details and, do not worry, they will not be published, but only viewed by myself and the team.




Hi Peeps!

Unfortunately this is officially the last time that I shall be greeting you with that phrase, synonymous with Club Penguin Awesome Guide. It’s been a long journey up to this day, and although we most certainly did not ‘go out with a bang’, the team at CPAG have enjoyed every last moment of our small, yet happy, presence on the Internet. It’s been great to help everyone who viewed this blog, but it is now time to say our goodbyes. This blog has become outdated and most importantly – unfinished.

We are, however, glad to announce that this blog is being merged into another blog which is to be known by the name of Discover Club Penguin. By ‘merged’, we mean that all of this website’s content, such as guides and whatnot, will either be deleted or edited and merged into the new website.

Discover Club Penguin’s goal is to hire and maintain the finest authors – chosen through several grammar and punctuation tests – and to positively learn from our mistakes in the past. How have we disappointed you in the past and ultimately: what can we do to improve? To accumulate suggestions and comments, we have decided to open a discussion. To submit your ideas, suggestions and possible improvements, please comment below with your thoughts in the comment section.

We thank you in advance for your input and hope to see you soon on Discover Club Penguin, due to open in August 2014.


Special Announcement From Coollegoguy4

Hi Peeps! I really don’t want this site to fade away in the distance and become forgotten, so I have made a decision about the overall future fate of this website. I decided, if it was too much for me to post on my own blog and maintain it, why don’t I just maintain it and hire Authors? I have now come to that decision, and have decided to take it further forward.

Yes, you have guessed it. I shall be hiring Authors. Remember though, all applications must be received by the 31st October 2013. I am looking for Authors who:

  • Strive themselves.
  • Post within two days of a Club Penguin update.
  • Are completely and adequately knowledgeable of the English language and grammar, punctuation and a variety of English skills such as Metaphors and Alliteration.
  • Don’t currently work on more than 3 blogs.
  • Have at least 3 months of WordPress or blogging experience.
  • Can tag, title and write detailed, interesting and packing posts.

Do you think you have what it takes? Simply leave a comment below set out something like this:

Penguin Name: John Smith

WordPress username: JohnSmith1

Links to 3 sample posts: 

I simply can’t wait to get this site back up and running! I am extremely excited to see your true potential and if you have what it takes. Good luck to all the applicants, and of course, if you want to apply, please do so by 31st October 2013. Applying may or may not render you an Author! Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and don’t be shy! Thank you for applying. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do contact @COOLLEGOGUY4.

Until then…waddle on,


Important Update From Coollegoguy4

Hi Peeps. Unfortunately, due to the stress and demanding nature of running and maintaining a Club Penguin-related blog, I and the rest of the team have ceased posting on this website. I still play Club Penguin, and I still absolutely love to blog! You may find me on, ClubPenguinCoffeeBreak, and many other sites. I hope you don’t find my decison unruly. However, I believe that I am much better at blogging for other sites; and not running a blog where I have to post on and maintain the blog all at once. I am almost certain that you will still be able to find me on the Internet, and on Twitter @COOLLEOGGUY4.

I would you like to thank you for every single viewer that has visited my blog in it’s short, yet busy lifetime. I would also like the chance to thank all of my amazing authors, who always made sure the consistency of the blog was kept right. I shall probably render this blog viewable again as it once was, but I probably won’t be back to maintain or blog on here. I love all of you guys. See you around.

Until then…Waddle on,