Getting To Know Your Way Around The Club Penguin Times Newspaper

Hi Peeps! Every Thursday, a newspaper called the Club Penguin Times is released on Club Penguin! It tells lots of news, jokes, upcoming events and riddles!

If you want to view the newspaper, simply click the Newspaper icon at the top-left of the screen.

news NEW

At the top of the CPT, you will find the 1st and main article, often called the “Top Article”. These will often be themed about an upcoming party, building, or a discovery of a new puffle or invention, by Gary, or perhaps Puffle Handler.


As with all of these type of articles, click the grey button at the bottom-right of the post to read more on that article.

read more

Close the window, and to your right, you will notice a bold “NEWSFLASH” in the corner of the page. This will tell you what is currently happening on the island, where, why, and how.


Under the “Top Article”, you will find a 2nd article, which wont be as important as the above, but still interesting to the Club Penguin Community.

puffle hotel now open cp newspaper

Under that will feature the “Upcoming Events” section. This is to increase your knowledge of what is to come on Club Penguin, despite the fact that some events listed may already be taking place, which sometimes misleads the name.

upcoming events for newspaper issue #389

To your right will be the “Ask Aunt Arctic” column, where questions asked by penguins are answered. However, penguin names are ususally changed to a play-on-words name. During special events or parties, such as the Card-Jitsu Party, there will be a different mascot answering questions, such like Sensei.

ask aunt arctic Issue #398

Click the flick at the bottom-right of the page to navigate to the next page. On this page, you will find more “Ask Aunt Arctic” Q&As, as well as jokes, riddles and secrets that can be known when clicking on the folder!

We now hope that you know how to find your way around the Club Penguin Times newspaper, and that you will enjoy reading it when it is released weekly, every Thursday. The CPT has been running since the very start of Club Penguin and over 400 issues have been released. There is so much more to know in the CPT every week, so check it out!

Until then…Waddle on,


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