Hi Peeps!

Unfortunately this is officially the last time that I shall be greeting you with that phrase, synonymous with Club Penguin Awesome Guide. It’s been a long journey up to this day, and although we most certainly did not ‘go out with a bang’, the team at CPAG have enjoyed every last moment of our small, yet happy, presence on the Internet. It’s been great to help everyone who viewed this blog, but it is now time to say our goodbyes. This blog has become outdated and most importantly – unfinished.

We are, however, glad to announce that this blog is being merged into another blog which is to be known by the name of Discover Club Penguin. By ‘merged’, we mean that all of this website’s content, such as guides and whatnot, will either be deleted or edited and merged into the new website.

Discover Club Penguin’s goal is to hire and maintain the finest authors – chosen through several grammar and punctuation tests – and to positively learn from our mistakes in the past. How have we disappointed you in the past and ultimately: what can we do to improve? To accumulate suggestions and comments, we have decided to open a discussion. To submit your ideas, suggestions and possible improvements, please comment below with your thoughts in the comment section.

We thank you in advance for your input and hope to see you soon on Discover Club Penguin, due to open in August 2014.



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