New Author: Moomoomax14

Hey Flippered Friends!

It’s me Moomoomax14 and I am back to be Blogging for this awesome Blog!!

Some of you may know me on Twitter (@Moomoomax14) Or waddling around the Island of Club Penguin, and now you be able to get to know me a bit on the Blog!

I will be Blogging for quite a long time now, and I will be posting about exciting events and upcoming things! I really want to thank COOLLEGOGUY4 For hiring me here and he deserves a big Shoutout!

I love Club Penguin and I love Blogging, and if anybody needs to talk to me or needs a new friend, I’m always there to help you! Make sure to keep dropping in on the Blog to find out What’s New!

Well anyway, that’s all I have got for now, so I will see you later!

Make sure you leave a Comment!

Warmest Wishes and Coldest Fishes 



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