Important Update From Coollegoguy4

Hi Peeps. Unfortunately, due to the stress and demanding nature of running and maintaining a Club Penguin-related blog, I and the rest of the team have ceased posting on this website. I still play Club Penguin, and I still absolutely love to blog! You may find me on, ClubPenguinCoffeeBreak, and many other sites. I hope you don’t find my decison unruly. However, I believe that I am much better at blogging for other sites; and not running a blog where I have to post on and maintain the blog all at once. I am almost certain that you will still be able to find me on the Internet, and on Twitter @COOLLEOGGUY4.

I would you like to thank you for every single viewer that has visited my blog in it’s short, yet busy lifetime. I would also like the chance to thank all of my amazing authors, who always made sure the consistency of the blog was kept right. I shall probably render this blog viewable again as it once was, but I probably won’t be back to maintain or blog on here. I love all of you guys. See you around.

Until then…Waddle on,



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