Penguin Of The Day (July 31): Need4speed67

Hey Peeps! Pen Quen on Report! I know, it’s been a loooong time since I last posted, but I’m back on blogging again!

So today it’s Wednesday and the 31st of July, the last day of this month! And of course Daffodaily5 posted the next Penguin Of The Day, the last for this month! And the lucky penguin is… Need4speed67!  Congrats! Let’s see why Daffo selected this penguin:



You all know I love hearing about friendly penguins and Need4speed67 is exactly that! He’s especially known for complimenting other penguins on their outfits. Well, my friend, we all think your outfit is ace and stripe-tastic!

Penguin of the Day nominations can be sent via the Contact Us page!
-Club Penguin Team
Well done Need4speed67! 😀 I’m sure you have a lot of friends!
Tommorow it’s the 1st of August! Who will open the “Penguin of the Day” List for August?Stay tuned until tommorow! Also, make sure to leave your comment below and tell me what you think!
Waddle On and Have Fun!
Pen Quen22 out! 😉

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