Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Guide

Hi Peeps! The Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover has started on Club Penguin, and it sure is a blast! With over 25 costumes to obtain eventually, 18 party rooms to explore eventually and 3 mini-games to play eventually, most people are really loving the Takeover, which started on July 25th and will last until August 13th.

When you log onto any Club Penguin Server, you will be greeted with a Star Wars title video, introducing the storyline of the Star Wars Takeover. If you are way too excited and want to explore the party straight away, just click “X”. If not, carry on watching…


After viewing this, you will find yourself in the famous Millennium Falcon, a common sight in some of the Star Wars films. The party room is designed well and penguins can interact with a lot of the features in the ship.


Click on Cadence with the exclamation mark over her head and she will broadcast a message to you.


If you wander outside of the M-Falcon, you will find yourself at the Dock with some pretty basic decorations.


Apart from the Dock, nothing else on the Club Penguin Island is decorated, but there is a remix of the original John Williams Star Wars Theme Song in the Dance Club. Click on the red Rebel Icon at the top-right of your screen and you will find yourself on a map.



If you are a Member, click on “Equip Lightsaber”. The lightsaber will be added to your inventory and the lightsaber will be added to your penguin. Some messages from Obi-Wan Sensei will show up.  Some of them tell you how to control your lightsaber.


When holding the lightsaber, press “D” to stand in your battle position, and two blue circles will show up around you. You should go to a busy Server that occupies lots of penguins, and then it will be more likely that they will show up. They will need to click on one of the blue circles and then you will start battling.


You can also challenge an opponent by holding your lightsaber and clicking a blue circle emitting from another penguin. When the time comes to battle, a blue semi-circle will show up, with a time counting down on the side, which by the end, a move must be chosen or both opponents will tie. You will need to click on one of the arrows and then click frantically around the other arrows to succeed in this game and win. The winner will receive 20 points, the loser 10, and if you tie, 10 for each.


Each time you win, and only when you win, you will build up wins to collect items, only obtainable if you are a Member.


And when you achieve 30 wins, you will be able to obtain all of these items.


Now, there is quite a bit more to the takeover than this. Click on the Map above the lightsaber battle items, and then click Tatooine. There are lots of interactive party rooms there to explore.

Tatooine Room 1

Tatooine Room 2

Tatooine Room 3

Tatooine Room 4

Tatooine Room 6

Tatooine Room 5

These rooms can all be accessed by clicking the specially-themed “Map” at the bottom-left of the screen. Now, in some of the rooms, you will see a Stormtrooper hiding behind a box. Click on it to access a game.

SW Game Entrance

SW Game Splash Screen

The suit and neck item on the game’s splash screen are available to obtain for Members only, with the helmet being for Non-Members and Members. These can be obtained when you complete the specific level. Click “Play” on the first level to start playing the game.

SW Game Start

Now, to complete this level, you will need to shoot all of the Stormtroopers down and defeat the boss battle at the end. Now, the black boxes in front of you must not be blown up, otherwise you will have no protection from the Stormtroopers when they shoot. Therefore, from time to time, keep rolling by pressing the Spacebar, so that the boxes both get their fair share of damage. To shoot the Stormtroopers, you will need to click the left panel on your mouse and aim the target at the specific Stormtrooper. When shooting, make sure to shoot the enemies as soon as they appear and shoot the ones shooting you first. When they have all been shot down, a boss will appear with a huge gun. You will need to shoot him more than the regulars. He will also throw grenades, which you will need to roll to avoid. Once you have defeated the boss, you will be rewarded with some coins, and an item, depending on the level. Click “Collect” to collect the item.

There is also a catalog at this Takeover, with two items that anyone can obtain and the rest are for Members only. Starting July 25th, you can browse through 3 pages of items, on August 1st, 1 page of items, which is also the same for August 8th.

SW Catalog Page 1

SW Catalog Page 2

SW Catalog Page 3

SW Catalog Page 5

SW Catalog Page 4

Also, there are three emotes, only available for this Takeover, as well as some safe-chat phrases and some jokes…

SW Emotes

SW Phrases

SW Joke

SW Joke 2

How are you liking the Star Wars Takeover? I am loving it! Just leave a neat-o comment in the comment section below and have a nice day.

Until then…Waddle on,



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