Club Penguin Blog-Star Wars Caption #4

Hi Peeps! Polo Field has once again posted another picture for all of the Club Penguin Community to caption! This is caption #4 and is called Stormtroopers At Work: Managing Projects. Check out the original post below.

Hey Penguins,

You know the drill… help caption this Star Wars™ Takeover photo for us by leaving a comment below!

– Club Penguin Team

Star Wars ™ & © 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. 

Hmm. What about, “Another one bites the tusk”?. A tusk is a creature featured in Star Wars, and this caption relates to the Queen song, “Another one bites the dust”, which is now quite a popular catchphrase. Also, by adding more sticky notes to the board another one will be “Biting the tusk”, which also rhymes with dust. Nevertheless, what would YOU caption this picture? Just leave a neat-o comment in the comment section below and have a nice day.

Until then…Waddle on,



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