Penguin of the Day (July 22): Walkervaner

Hey Penguins! Today it’s Monday (new week!) the 22nd of July, and this means a new series of Penguins Of The Day coming! 😀

Yes, Daffodaily5 posted the next Penguin Of The Day on the Club Penguin Blog, and it’s Walkervaner! Now, we’ll see why did Daffodaily5 select him as the new Penguin Of The Day. Let’s read!:


By Daffodaily5 on July 22, 2013


We love receiving fun and inspiring emails from our players! Walkervaner always writes to us with so much enthusiasm for CP. They are a dedicated member of the EPF and an all-round ace member of the CP community! 🙂

Contact Us to share your Penguin of the Day nominations.


-Club Penguin Team


Congratulations Walkervarner! It seems your bright ideas are so helpful to all! 😉

So, for this week 4 penguins left to be chosen! Who will they be? It might be YOU next time! 😀

Waddle On and Have Fun

Pen Quen22 out! 🙂


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