Quick Updates

Hi Peeps! This is me, Coollegoguy4 again, and I have a couple of things to update you with.

1: Sorry that I haven’t been posting for a couple of days, they are for reasons I do not desire to explain.

2: Secondly, Club Penguin Awesome Guide has a new test penguin on Club Penguin: CP AG.

If you see this penguin waddling around, it will either by controlled by me (Coollegoguy4), Pen Quen22, Wanneycp or Penguin Up45, the staff on Club Penguin Awesome Guide.

3: Club Penguin Talent is CANCELLED, due to someone copying us, but I am not going to mention any names.

4: A new project. That is going ahead at a soon to be announced time. A news channel. A Club Penguin news channel. Not just the updates, but penguin’s views on the updates and celebrity interviews. All coming. More soon.

Until then…Wadddle on,



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