Club Penguin Updates-Construction For The Star Wars Takeover Continues

Hi Peeps! Last week, Club Penguin updated the Dock on the island with some nice little updates, all in preparation for the landing of the Millennium Falcon at the upcoming Star Wars Takeover. This week, construction has progressed a bit more! Check it out…


I do hope that pesky-looking TIE fighter pilot diver called Coollegoguy4 isn’t trying to destroy what the Rebels have built!

As well as this, around the island, you can see that the Death Star and the Dark Side’s ships are now closer to Club Penguin! I wont show all of them, but I can tell you now that they are located at the: Dock, Beach, Beacon Telescope, Ski Hill, Ski Village, Town and Iceberg! Check some of them out around the island…

Dock (As for the same with all the other rooms with the Death Star and the Dark Side’s evil ships)


Some nice little adjustments to the island here! I am looking forward to what the upcoming takeover will bring, as I have heard there will be over 25 costumes, 3 mini-games and 18 party rooms! However, what are YOUR thoughts on this? Just leave a neat-o comment in the comment section below and have a nice day.

Until then…Waddle on,



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