Penguin of the Day: Javier 8

Hey everyone! Today is Monday and of course this means that it’s the start of a new week with new POTD! So the first Penguin Of The Day, as Daffodaily5 posted on the Club Penguin Blog, is Javier 8! Ley’s see what Daffodaily5 wrote:


By Daffodaily5 on July 15, 2013


Javier 8 is a super Penguin of the Day! He spends his spare time volunteering at the local animal shelter, helping out with walking the dogs. It’s so paw-some he looks out for his poochy pals! 😀

If your friend has done something amazing then Contact Us and let us know.


-Club Penguin Team


So kind of Javier 8’s place to help those doggies! 🙂

One day down, 4 left! Who will be the POTD tommorow?

Waddle On and Have Fun!

Pen Quen22 out!


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