Mine Shack Updates + New Club Penguin University!

Hiya Peeps! As you know -or maybe not-, Club Penguin updated the Mice Shack! The Tree and the Garden stayed, although the Recycling Plant’s place took a new University! Yes! Lower you see how the Mine Shack is now:


Nice, isn’t it? I love it! There is also a path that leads directly to the Dojo Courtyard! No Map needed, if you want to waddle around!

Now let’s get into the Univerity. There are three different sections, a classroom, a dining room and the hall with the lockers. Here you can see how it looks:


I LOVE IT! And you can open the lockers too! Just go in front of them! 🙂


The classroom is great, although there is NO classroom without paperball get thrown! So, in the classroom, you can throw paperballs! Ha ha! Nice!


Yes, this little thing on the Blackboard is a paper I threw! 😛

And on the Dining room you can throw food! And not any other food, than pizza! PIZZA FIGHT! 😀


Yes, I also threw this pizza! xD

Oh and, as you may noticed, there are to different exits! The right one leads to the Mine Shack and the left one leads to the Stadium! Now I can move faster around!


And the soundtrack is also great! (Thanks Airplane6068 for the soundtrack on Youtube! Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Airplane6068Cpf )

I love the end! It can represent the end of the year!

What do you think guys? Leave your thoughts on the comments below! 🙂

Pen Quen22 out! 😉


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