Club Penguin Times Issue #403: That’s No Moon!

Hey Penguins! Today is July 11th and it’s Thursday, which means that a new Club Penguin Times issue is out! The first article is about something surprising that happened, which is a moon… that is NOT a moon!:



Then, the next article is about a new update on the Puffle Digging: Members’ Puffles can find Rare items! Let’s see what it reads:


Nice! Now I can also find more except coins! 😀

The last part -as usual- is for the upcoming events. Today the new Penguin Style Catalogue, the new pin and ‘The Haunting Of The Viking Opera’ stageplay are here and now let’s see the future events:


So let’s see. Write your list:

  • 18th July: The upcoming Igloo Furniture Catalog is going to shine bright and fly us to the space.
  • On the 25th July is going to be a new Pin! Great! One more for the collection!
  • Also, the same day -the 15th July-, Millennium Falcon will land on the island of Club Penguin. This is also the beginning of the Star Wars Takeover Party! Get ready Jedis! 😀

Can’t wait for the upcoming updates! They will be so Penguin-tastic!

That’s all for now!

Pen Quen22 out!

(And May The Force Be With You Penguins)



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