New Spanish Club Penguin Blogger-Karlapop123

Hi Peeps! There has been a couple of new Club Penguin bloggers employed recently-Daffodaily5 and Ninja. To compliment the latest and greatest crew of bloggers, the Club Penguin team has once again employed another Club Penguin blogger-Karlapop123. Karla is Spanish and apparently has been helping and assisting the existing Club Penguin blogger, Tato Maxx. Tato is proud to introduce Karla in the welcoming blog post featured below, gladly translated into English for your convenience.


A New Addition!

By Tato Maxx on July 3, 2013 10:07 a.m.

Hey, penguins!
  What’s up with the party? I can’t stop practicing my most terrifying scares! I hope you are as pleased as I with the Monsters University Takeover 🙂
 Now, I want to tell you that a very good friend will be joining the blog soon Karlapop321. She is from Spain and has already been working with me for a while.
  Take a look at a picture of her penguin:


Cool right?
  Very soon you will know more about it, but for now I can only say that they will be posting about Club Penguin news relating to Spain!
  See you in the next post! 😉
  The Club Penguin Team


Nice post, Tato Maxx. I would like to, on behalf of the Club Penguin team, bid a huge welcome to the Club Penguin team, and we hope you have lots of fun posting on the blog.

So, now that you know this new Club Penguin moderator, will you be adding her through the (Somewhat un-trustworthy) buddy list? I have already attempted, and hopefully she can accept my request! What are your thoughts on this post, and Karlapop123? Just make sure to leave a neat comment in the comment section below.




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