Special “Earth” Meetup Organized By Coollegoguy4 And Mrzero3 (NOW OVER)


Hi Peeps! You may know that the Recycling Plant, Earth Day Tree and Community Garden will sadly be removed on Thursday 11th July 2013. You may also know that me and Mrzero3 are really good friends. I work on clubpenguinreveals.com (Mrzero3’s site) as an author, so me and Mrzero3 thought it would be an excellent idea to host a special “Earth” meetup. This is a short meetup against the removal of all the three features and a farewell to them. Our idea came to life, and we will now be hosting a meetup.

Here is the official banner for the meetup, which Mrzero3 ask of you to please share with your Club Penguin friends.



(Click to enlarge)


If for any reason, you cannot read the above message, here is what it says, as well as some added information.

#savethetree (Offical Twitter hashtag)

July 8th 2013 at 10:00 AM PST

Starts on the English server Ice Shelf at the Mine Shack

If you can, PLEASE re-blog this on your blogs (We don’t mind if you re-publish it on your blog), and spread the word to your friends, both on Club Penguin and people in real life who play Club Penguin? Don’t you want these features to be a recurring part of Club Penguin? Also, please share the official Twitter hash tag, #savethetree, designed by Mrzero3 to spread the word, and please include details in the Tweet.


Coollegoguy4 (clubpenguinawesomeguide.wordpress.com)

Mrzero3 (clubpenguinreveals.com)

Special guests:

DisneyDimney (www.disneydimneycp.com)


Wingred (wingred.usr.me)

Finally, why don’t you click this link?


Me and Mrzero3 really hope to see you there!





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