Puffle Launch Is Now Removed From The Google Play Store And The App Store+Puffle Launch News

Hi Peeps! Not just a couple of weeks ago, Club Penguin unexpectedly removed Puffle Launch from the two main software/application sites, Google Play and the App Store. This also included the Amazon app store. Many penguins may ask, “Club Penguin, why did you remove Puffle Launch from all of the application sites?”. Thanks to clubpenguinmemories.com and @trainman1405, we now have the answer.

Trainman1405 made a post on clubpenguinmemories.com, regarding the removal of Puffle Launch and the real Spike Hike, which is confirmed by much evidence, commented on the post with this transcript.


That is rather interesting, yet quite sad. I already have the Puffle Launch app and if you already have the app on your device, the app will NOT be removed! The coin transfer method also continues to work. If you look at the comment, you can also see the reason for which Puffle Launch was removed. Basically, Puffle Launch was very hard to control on the iPhone and iPod, with a lack of co-ordination and it was very hard to direct the puffle where you wanted it to go. Despite it working perfectly on the iPad and many Android tablets, CP made the decision to remove the game.

However, in the future, a new version of Puffle Launch will be released, possibly on My Penguin, that Spike Hike said was coming “VERY SOON“. Also notable, is that CP have now hired the maker of the hits, Where’s My Water?, and Where’s My Perry?, to the CP company, to assist them with making the new game. Maybe there will be a Where’s My Puffle app? It does seem likely, as Disney keep releasing popular characters to these games, such as Mickey, which was introduced recently.

What do you think though of the removal of Puffle Launch and the new version of Puffle Launch coming soon? Just make sure to leave a neat comment below.





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