Club Penguin Times Issue #401: Let The Games Begin!

Hello everyone! Pen Quen on report! Today, except the enourmous begining of the Monster University party and the start of the Scare Games, Club Penguin released another newspaper issue about the party:

The first post is about the Scare Games. Let’s see what it writes:


Haha! I’m already ready to scare some penguins! 😉 Anyway. The next article is about the teams. It has a mini review for each one and for penguins that don’t know which team to support is recommended:


I support PNK! What about you?

The last part of the newspaper is as usual for the upcoming events:


So write a list:

  • 6th July: The best team in the Scare Games is announced
  • On the 11th July the new Penguin Style Catalog comes out and I wish for some cheats
  • On the same day, there are some new postcards. Hmm… I wonder if they are those cool old postcards!
  • Also on the 10th July there is a new pin released! Ice!
  • Last but not least, a new Furniture Catalog is coming on the 18th July!

I’m so happy for the Monsters University Party! Rememebr, the best team wins!

Waddle On, Guys!

-Pen Quen22 🙂



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