Fun With Federflink – Meetup This Wednesday!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin German Blogger Federlink1 has posted on the SGerman Blog that he is having a Meetup this Wednesday. I have translated this Post into english.. Check it out!

Hey people,

Soon go off the horror games and I’m super excited. You too? Let us ever prepare to partner with a funny look-Action!
Imagine together a monster-like, totally crazy costume and looking you a twin or partner cronies like Mike and Sulley to practice the creeps and horror.

We meet at 19 June at 16:30 clock on the server igloo snow fort meeting. There we can start to shudder and shock together and dance the night away in the disco monster later default.I look forward to seeing you!

Fins Schrecker Greetings :-)

your Federflink1
from the Club Penguin Team

The Meet-up is at 7:30am PST! I will try my best to attend this meet-up! It is going to be so much fun! Check back later for more updates..



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