Kendo Suit And Treasure Book Code Giveaway-Now Over

Hi Peeps! As a celebration and a thank you to all my viewers on almost 5000 views on CPAG, I am giving away a Kendo Suit item and a Treasure Book item code. Please don’t have a go at me if the code says “Used”, because some people are extremely fast at using codes. Just simply log onto Club Penguin, and then click the “Unlock a code” sign, and then the “I have a code” button, and then enter the code shown below. If you do win, please TAKE A PHOTO and show it to the Club Pegnguin Awesome Guide Team.

The code will be displayed here:


WE HAVE A WINNER@Luckyboy7777CP…


And also @Highrisertcp. This is very peculiar, I guess that was the most epic glitch to ever happen, now there are two happy penguins instead of one. ๐Ÿ˜€

high riser 1

Thank you for participating everyone, my views have suddenly soared up from 7,500 to over 5000! 577 views already in one day! Look how much it overpowers all the other stats.


Keep your eyes peeled for a “Gold” and “Rich” code soon? Any ideas what it might be? Just comment below with your thoughts.





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