Club Penguin Earth Day Post

Hi Peeps! Recently, the Club Penguin Team undertook a “Good Doing” for Earth Day, which was in April. Here is what the team did in the form of a post.


Earth Day Update

By Polo Field on May 21, 2013 – 18:53 

Hey Penguins,

Remember a while ago, I asked what you thought the team should do in our community to celebrate Earth Day. Plant some trees? Clean up our local stream? Plant a garden for our local women’s shelter?

So here’s the update… we cleaned a stream!


It’s awesome to see the difference you can make with a small group of people and a couple of hours… and the team had a blast!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


I think it is awesome that the CP team gathered together to clean a stream! For Earth Day, I took part in Earth Hour, where I turned all of my lights off in my house! 🙂 What did you do? Please comment in the section below.

P.S Sorry that I have posted about this so late.





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