Club Penguin Diaries: A Ninja’s diary part #2: The Big Lesson

This week was so hard-training. The other day, I battled with Sensei and I won. But that didn’t surprise me. What was interresting was what he said next:

-‘Great job, Grasshopper. But your journey as a Ninja doesn’t stop here.’

-‘ What do you mean, Sensei?’, I asked right away and he explained:

-‘ The bublling water wins fire. The ctushing fire beats snow. The braveful snow beats water. The balance between those three elements is very important. If it break, then a huge power will distroy us and the island of Club Penguin. That’s why we, Ninjas, are mastering the elements. To protect the Dojo and Club Penguin. You already master two of the elements: The water element and the fire element. But there is still one element remaining to learn how to control. The one that covers our island: The Snow element. You, Pen Quen, you can complete your journey. You and all of my students will complete your training and become the masters of Card-Jitsu Snow and beat the Snow Lord, Tusk.’

-‘But, Sensei’, I interrupted him. ‘ how can we do it? We aren’t so strong. How will he beat him?’

-‘ A Snow Ninja, a Fire Ninja, a Water Ninja and me will enter the cave and beat him. But you must become a Snow Ninja!’

-‘ I can do it. Believe on me Sensei’.

-‘Sure I do. Good luck, Grasshopper!’

I’ll make it and win the Snow Lord! I’m sure now!

-Pen Quen22 the Ninja


8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Diaries: A Ninja’s diary part #2: The Big Lesson

  1. lol i saw your comment on trainman1405’s site Good one! 😛

    seis12 says:
    December 18, 2012 at 8:28 am
    aaaaaaaw i want the magazine to come here in greece

    Pen Quen22 says:
    December 18, 2012 at 11:24 am
    ME TOO….. AHHH


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