Card-Jitsu Snow Guide

Hello Penguins,

Here is the complete guide for Newly Released Card-Jitsu Snow Game. First Head to the Dojo . It has been slightly modified since, the Ninja Hideout has been removed and the Fire/Water Dojo have been moved here. You must go to Card-Jitsu Snow door located at the right of the room.

cj snow guide 1

Here is  the Snow Dojo! Click on the wooden bridge to play. Click the “Yes” button to the pop-up that appears.

cj snow guide 2

Choose from one of the following elements; Water, Snow, or Fire

cj snow guide 3

Read its info that is located on the left of the screen for each Ninja. You can always select another ninja by clicking the arrows located both right and left of the ninja. Click on Play when you are ready.

cj snow guide 4

You will be assigned to your teammates . Then the three of you will battle against the snowmen.

cj snow guide 5

In order to play you must move around by clicking the blue highlighted squares only. By clicking these squares you will move around the board and only have a certain about of time in order to move or you just stay. The goal is to defeat the snowmen that are on the board.

cj snow guide 6

Once you get nearby or right next to a snowman a red target will come up onto the snowman to fire at it to help defeat it. The health bar will help you know how much life that you or the snowmen have left before you or the snowmen get defeated. Make sure the target is green before you click the check mark, which is a button you can click if you, and only if you are sure with your actions. It is located beside the timer, found at the top of the screen.

cj snow guide 9

To use a power card, simply click a power card, click a red tile to place it (the blue tiles will turn into red ones), then click the check button to activate its special move (it only affects snowmen and/or ninjas that surround the card). Each element has a special move

Fire Ninjas: Damages and stuns enemies (when in range).
Water Ninjas: Doubles its normal damage to enemies (when in range).
Snow Ninjas: Damages the snowmen (when in range) and heals all your teammates and yourself.

Lastly, when your team are defeated/won, you’ll get the results. On the “Next Reward” section, there will be a progress bar which fills after each game that you won/defeated. When it’s full, you’ll earn either a part of the Card-Jitsu Saga or a part of the Snow suit before you get the Snow gem for your Amulet. You can also earn coins and stamps in this game.

cj snow guide 7

You can check your progress by clicking the Card-Jitsu Cards while in the Dojo

cj snow guide 10

For each round you complete you will obviously earn coins and you’ll be one step closer to earning your Card-Jitsu Snow outfit, but as you progress you will also unlock small Card-Jitsu Snow clips about Sensei and Tusko, an old friend of Sensei.

cj snow guide 11

After you have unlocked all the videos (1-8) and have gotten your Snow Crest, you will  be able to unlock the Snow Gem. After obtaining the Snow Gem, a pop up screen will come up with Sensei presenting you the gem.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.24.18 PM

It will also show you the way to the next part of your quest.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.25.11 PM

You must now battle Tusk, Sensei’s former best friend. To defeat him, waddle over to the secret passage which is located at the left of Dojo, above the Exit. Click “Yes” to the pop-up that appears.

After your teammates have arrived, you three will battle against Tusk the walrus. This time for this battle, Sensei will join you and your teammates to defeat him.You will be sent to the menu screen where you again can choose your element.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.27.33 PM

Sensei won’t move from the tile he’s standing on though but he will help you and your teammates to defeat Tusk. Defeating Tusk isn’t easy though (he has a huge health), so you and your team should work hard and defeat him altogether. If you and your teammates lose, then try again until you win. If you win, you and your teammates will earn an extreme stamp for defeating Tusk, a final Card-Jitsu Saga video, and Tusk’s cloak as a free item.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.30.02 PM

So What do you think about this new Card-Jitsu Snow Game. I really like the fact that we will be able to earn 24 rewards that is 16 clothing items and 9 Saga Vidoes !! I think this game is awesome. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Check back later for more updates.

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