Card-Jitsu Party 2013 Cheats

Hello Penguins,

Finnaly the moment for each and every one has been waiting is here…… Card-Jitsu Party has kicked off all around the island!. The Island is decorated with Ninja and Card-Jitsu Theme. Card-Jitsu Snow has been Released !!! Here are all the Cheats from this wonderful party.

When you login you’ll see a popup. Be sure to get your snow battling gear! There is a snow headband and Snow Training Plates if you’re a member

card-jitsu party cheats 4

The island has been broken into three different zones – snow, fire, and water. Each element takes up one-third of the island. From the Dock to the Town is the Fire zone !

card-jitsu party cheats 5

From the Mountain to the Ski Village is the Snow zone !

card-jitsu party cheats 8

From the Plaza to the Cove is the Water zone !

card-jitsu party cheats 11

There is no longer a Ninja Hideout. As a result the Martial Artworks catalog  and all the Dojos have been moved to the Dojo. This is how the new Dojo Courtyard Looks:

card-jitsu party cheats 14

The Dojos have got a new look ! There are 3 doors to the 3 Dojos: Fire, Water and Snow. Here is how the New Dojo look:

card-jitsu party cheats 15

The three rooms Ski Hill, Dock, and Forest three  has a special entrance to the party’s elements room. Stand on the fire area and throw hot sauce. Stand on the snow area to throw extra large snowballs. Stand on the water area to throw water balloons. Simply go to throw a snowball and it’ll be that object

card-jitsu party cheats 16

At The Stadium you can play Card-Jitsu as a battle. Gather as a group and waddle onto the element you want to play. Try to beat the other side!

card-jitsu party cheats 17

There is also a Catalog for this Party but there are no hidden Cheats. On the Left are free items for everyone, then free items for members and then Items available to members for purchase.

card-jitsu party cheats 18

There are 4 new Emotes for this Party…Check them out:

card-jitsu party cheats 19

Card-Jitsu Snow has also been released. Click Here to Visit the Card-Jitsu Jistu Snow Guide. This Party has some cool rooms, new designs, items and emotes. What do do you think about this year’s Card-Jitsu Party. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below ? Check back later and Stay Tuned for more updates from Club Penguin.

Waddle On!



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