Polo And Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest-Episode #2+More Info About CJ Snow Party

Hi Everyone!

Polo’s and Daffo’s quest of the Snow Dojo continues with the second video on YouTube of the little funny series with those exciting episodes full of all the information for the Card Jitsu Snow and showing some of the rooms. This time, Polo and Daffo reach the Snow Dojo and they are just before the big fight with the villains Scrap,Tank and Sly. Can’t wait ’till the 3rd episode? Tomorrow it will release!


There is also some more info about the CJ Snow party that arrives on Club Penguin on May 23. It was Spanish text from the Spanish CP blog, so here I have the English translation of the post.

Club Penguin invites all courageous penguins to join the battle for dominance Card-Jitsu Snow, the new and highly anticipated game number one virtual world for children and adolescents of Disney launch on 23 May. The Penguins ninjas must learn the art of Card-Jitsu Snow to face snow fighters and save the island of Club Penguin.
After an avalanche covering part of the island of Club Penguin, a new Dojo was discovered under the snow. Long ago the Club Penguin ninjas strive to master the mini-games Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water, and now will be able to master Card-Jitsu Snow. In this game, inspired by the traditional “rock paper scissors”, the ninjas must face snow fighters and defeat them level by level, and the final battle will take place against the supreme master of Card-Jitsu Snow. For assistance during the process, the members may obtain additional powerful cards to increase their skills.

With the discovery of Snow Dojo will also emerge new virtual items and activities such as:

• Style Card-Jitsu partners can dress styles inspired by ninjas items such as wigs Water, Snow and Fire, kimonos, a Coat Costume earthquake and sunshine.

• Snowballs: Snowballs to throw penguins in the new Snow Dojo will become different items:

In the Water Section, ninjas throw water balloons.

In the Fire, bottles of hot sauce.

And Snow section, they can launch giant snowballs.

• Special items for the igloo: members can use their virtual coins to decorate their igloos with new virtual items, eg, a sushi table, a Gate ninja, paper lamp and bonsai, among others.

• Visit the Sensei: Sensei, one of the most popular celebrities of the island, will make special appearances on servers in different rooms of Club Penguin and encourage ninjas to master the elements and defeat the snow fighters.
I can’t wait for the release of the Snow Dojo! This Thursday it comes and we have to defeat the snow fighters, Scrap, Tank and Sly, to protect the Dojo and Club Penguin!

Until next time I see ya, bye!
->Pen Quen22 🙂


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