Ninja Now Has Twitter+Bridge From Dojo Sneak Peek+Dojo Courtyard Sneak Peek

Hi Peeps! The CJ Snow Party arrives on May 23, which is less than a week away, so Ninja has showed us some sneak peeks on his new Twitter (This Twitter account is official, as he is able to show his penguin and sneak peeks of Club Penguin, the account is @Ninjachat3).

Here is the sneak peek of the bridge to the Dojo, tweeted by Ninja from the Club Penguin team, along with the song we can currently play in our igloo, Through Mountain Passes. Apparently, it will soon be made into a music video!


It looks awesome, right?! This links to the construction inside the Dojo. Last, but not least, there is a sneak peek that Ninja posted of the future Ninja Courtyard on his Twitter.


I love the new ancient look to it! Also,note the new look on Sensei and how many postcards Ninja has, LOL! 🙂

I can’t wait for the CJ Snow party to start, can you?




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