Card-Jitsu Snow Trailer Post

Hi Peeps! I know Wanneycp already posted about the CJ Snow Trailer, but I just wanted to inform you that Polo Field has posted a blog post about the CJ Snow Party trailer. NOTE: The video shown on my post is not the exact version of the one shown on Polo Field’s post. Instead it is a video from the Club Penguin YouTube account! 🙂

Here it is the post.

Card-Jitsu Snow Trailer Video!
By Polo Field on May 14, 2013 – 14:31
Hey ninjas!

Earlier this week we announced that the Card-Jitsu Party is coming to the island on May 23! I hope you’ve all been working on your ninja skills!

So, if you weren’t excited enough for this seriously epic party, check out the official trailer below…

Looks pretty, um, cool, right?! Let us know what you think in the comments!
Waddle On, ninjas!
Check above to view the video!
Looks EPIC, right?! I love the rocky scenery around the playing area on CJ Snow, it was something that was not in the Beta Test version.
Can’t wait for CJ Snow, can you?


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