Snow Dojo Position Ideas

Hey Peeps! It’s Pen Quen! Well, you know that Card-Jitsu Snow Dojo is coming next Thursday. Well I have been wondering, where will the Snow Dojo be? After thinking, one of the places I thought was the Tallest Mountain of Club Penguin. You might remember it from the first mission of the EPF, when Aunt Arctic’s puffles got lost and you had to climb up to the mountain. I saw the map and I noticed some weird tents:


See on the mountain? What would that be? Hmmmm….

Also, it would be near the Iceberg. Maybe, somewhere under the Iceberg there is a trapped air place full of mystery. If we could flip the Iceberg, the Dojo entrance will appear.

What about under the Dojo? Like the Fire & Water Dojo maybe… The only hint we have is this from the sneek-peek of the CPBlog:


I can see the sea, some clouds, a mountain and snow. Well, if it’s up in the mountain, how could we get up there? Many penguins will offer to become Snow Ninjas. It would be difficult. But we are Ninjas! We won’t quit! Tell me your idea about the Snow Dojo and it’s position lower in the comments area. 🙂

Waddle On!

-> Pen Quen22 😉


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