When Warney Had To Left – Poem and Wishes for him!

Hey everyone!

I’m sure you read that Warney has to leave Club Penguin Awesome Guide, because he has to give some exams. Well, I’m not sure if he reads it right now, but I thought of a poem for him:

I always smile

Even I run for a mile,

And that’s because I’m cheerful

And I love to be the unbelievable!

My name is Warney and like Club Penguin to play

Almost every season,  almost every day.

With my Card Jitsu hat of the Beta of Snow

I’d love to show to everyone all the ninja moves I know.

Wearing my blue t-shirt from the Jam

I dance around having fun and eating a sandwhich with strawberry jam

Walking sneeky with my sneekers in the hall

 I can pass the cage of Herbert and tag you all!

That’s how do I look! Well I seem cool

But, how would I be with a sweater made of wool?

I love to write in a blog

I just can do it, just like eating a hot dog.

But, when I had study for exams,

I had to forget them all with a slash…

I hope you like it Warney! It’s funny and I hope it stands for you. I tried to give my best 🙂

I’m sure you will pass the exams, Warney. I strongly believe that you won’t let yourself down! Just believe that you can! I hope your future will have the ending that you wanted.

Best wishes!

->Pen Quen22


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