Club Penguin Updates Tonight

Hi Peeps! Every Thursday, the Club Penguin Team update Club Penguin with NEW features and NEW updates added to the island. Tonight, Club Penguin, will as usual, update the game. This week, there are some MAJOR updates!

Here is what will happen.


  • The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 would have left the island.
  • Aunt Arctic will have left the island.
  • Newspaper Issue #394 will be released.
  • Three new featured postcards will be released.
  • A new EPF Spy Phone message will be released.
  • “My Penguin” for the iPad will be released.
  • Penguin Style May 2013 will be released.

These updates may happen.

  • Snowstorm coming to Club Penguin?!
  • EPF Command Room updated a little bit more?!

Have a nice day and look forward to tonight’s updates!





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