The New Author Here!

Hey Everyone! It’s the new Author, Pen Quen22! I’m so happy that Coollegoguy4 chose me for this job and I’ll prove him that he was right. Thank you Lego! Also, I want to thank my English teachers through all the years I’m learning English (Hi miss Catherine!) and my parents (specially my father), for showing me the road of a new language, the English language, from a little age.I’ll do my best to improve the blog and show to everyone the new cheats and info for Club Penguin.

Things to know for me:

Favourite colour: Levander, lime green

Free time: Usually wadlling on Club Penguin or drawing

Favourite things to do: Writing posts in my blog, go out and look for new adventures, playing online games (specially Club Penguin), drawing, eat cookies(!),  writing little funny stories, playing the piano

Things I detest: Bad jokes, don’t have any cookies to eat ( 😦 ), ignoring, boredom, French lessons, bad quality videos on YouTube

Sometimes, I love throwing parties, but those are online. Usually, I log on Club Penguin on servers such as Sleet, Zipline, Adominable, Slushy and Fog. My favourite Club Penguin game is Dance Contest, although I also like playing Puffle Rescue, DJ3K and Smoothie Smash. Well, I don’t really care about my igloo style, but, if there is something cool and funny, I buy it without second thought. Most of my money I spend it on clothes and puffle items. My favourite puffle is, Penny, a little cute purple puffle with a tiara on her head. Well you can meet me specially on these hours, and I can add you if you want and I’ll be a really good friend as more as I can :). I hope you’ll like my posts. Well until next time,

Waddle on!

->Pen Quen22 🙂


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