Hi Peeps! You may have noticed that my blog is undergoing critical changes. That reminds me that I am not ALWAYS able to post! It’s not just at this time, but also other times, when I might be away. This is why I might be inviting a contributor to contribute to my blog.


What are the roles of a contributor?

  • Can write a post like they would normally would, it will go through to my moderation method, and then get published IF I decide that the post is up-to-standards.

What can’t a contributor do?

  • They can’t delete my blog.
  • They can’t moderate comments on my blog.
  • They can’t change the appearance of my blog.
  • They can’t write pages.

Why is it great to become a contributor?

  • If you want to become another step famous on Club Penguin, becoming a contributor on my blog will accomplish another step, considering how many people’s blogs become increasingly famous gradually (Although mine isn’t yet, I am making changes so that it might be one day).
  • You can help lots of penguins on Club Penguin by publishing steps, cheats and glitches and you are doing your bit to help the Club Penguin community.
  • Any exclusive news that I have found out before anybody else will be known by only you and me first, before I publish a post about it.

So, I hope I have persuaded you to become an author on my blog. Of course, I need to know who WANTS to be a contributor on my blog. For that, I will need anyone who wants to become an author on my blog by commenting on this blog post below on the comment section below.

This is what the comment should look like and have in it.

1: Your blog’s web address (I am sorry, but if you don’t have a blog, you can’t sign up for this position).

2: Your WordPress username.

3: You will need to include this sentence in your comment and translate it into standard English language:  hello there     are you able to pass me that cuppa hot chocolate
You may need to add punctuation such as full stops, capital letters and/or correct spelling mistakes.

4: How often you will be available to post and your time zone.

That is it! I will be able to tell you if you have won the application.






20 thoughts on “CONTRIBUTOR NEEDED

  1. 1)
    2) penquen22
    3)Hello there!Are you able to pass me that cup of hot chocolate?
    4) I will able, but if i have tests or other things to do, such as piano practice, I’ll have some problems with blogging. My Time Zone is GMT +2:00

  2. Hey! My name is Pingu Rares!
    I don’t really use wordpress to make my blog but I still have an wordpress account.
    (Site is in recontructure)
    Wordpress username: Puffle2000
    Translate: Hello, there! Are you able to pass me that cup of hot chocolate?
    I am able everyday able to post. My time zone (currently) is Indian Standard Time because I am in a vacation in India.

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