Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Sneak Peeks

Hi Peeps! The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 returns on April 24th and is highly-anticipated, after Spike Hike mentioned that there will be NEW superheroes, NEW villains and NEW rooms! Luckily, none of the moderators have given out “real” sneak peeks yet, but some reporters and bloggers have. I don’t mind these ones though, because they are not too detailed! Basically, Mom bloggers and Reporters from the USA and Canada were invited to the very first Club Penguin “Media Summit”. A “Media Summit” is an event where companies invite peers and critics to their base/HQ to reassure them how good their company policy is etc. It is in the form of speeches, pictures and videos. In this case, Club Penguin Moderators such as Polo Field, Spike Hike and Grasstain were making speeches of how safe the game is for children and how much they care for their many fans alike.They also showed sneak peeks of parties, as well as some new rooms. Also, they let the visitors ask some questions that the Club Penguin Community on Twitter asked the reporters and bloggers to ask. Overall, according to the bloggers and reporters, the media summit was a HUGE success! Anyway, back to topic, the Club Penguin Team showed them some sneak peeks of the next upcoming party…the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013!

Here they are. Credit to Twitter user, @GlitterfulFelt for these superb pictures and tweets!

Sketch of the upcoming Secret Tunnel/Dock. The thing I find weird is, is the fact that it will be situated at the Cove, yet, it will be named the “Dock”.


Here is the finished/coloured version.


Also, here is another slide, confirming that it is the Cove. Image

Also, here is something that we will be able to do with the crane located at the Cove…retrieve some “destructables” from the water.


Now, here is what the Forest will look like during the party. It will be called the “Central Park”.


The Plaza…


Also, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming mini game on Club Penguin “Robot Factory”. I am assuming it will only be here for MST 2013.


Another game…


Yet another game…


Some costumes…



Thank you @GliterfulFelt once again for these pictures.







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