New Penguin Style Catalog-April 2013

Hi Peeps! Every month or so, the Club Penguin Team release a new catalog named the Penguin Style Catalog onto Club Penguin at the Clothes Shop. This month’s is April 2013 and there is 1 hidden item. This month’s catalog is based around the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013!

Here is the items of clothing that have arrived this month and CHEATS for them. 🙂


After the front cover are colours and non-member items. Then, there are four new backgrounds that ANYONE can buy for 60 coins. 🙂 Once is quite late though, the St Patrick’s Day background that probably should have been released nearer to St Patrick’s Day…Nevermind!


Here is the first and second main clothing page that features a costume for a penguin boy and a costume for a penguin girl. They are based around teleportation and stomping around with mighty strength!


Secondly, we have page 3&4 which has two pages of boy items. They are based around tornado and crystal power ability.


Also, there are two evil villains pages that involve telekinesis and oozing poisonus liquid to defeat their poor enemy!


Now, we move onto some sidekicks who can assist the mighty heroes!


There are some roving reporter costumes as well. Click on the penguins flipper to find a hidden item-Scrubs!


Here is the Scrubs outfit- a Doctor’s or Nurse’s outfit that could be used by a penguin if another penguin is hurt in the city!


Preliminarily, here are some office worker outfits and business outfits.Image

Last but not least, here are some animal costumes from last year’s Earth Day Party, that sadly will not be returning this year. 😦


I hope you enjoy all your awesome outfits that you have bought! 🙂 After the “Into The Wild” page are items from the Penguin Style of March 2013 that will have vanished by the time of the next Penguin Style Catalog-once they’re gone, they’re gone!







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