New Club Penguin Newspaper-Issue #389

Hi Peeps! Each week, the Club Penguin Team release a NEW newspaper on Club Penguin island. This week’s is based around the EPF Operation:Hot Sauce! This weeks Issue Number is #389.

Here it is.

The main article is featured at the top and informs us that ALL of the Hot Sauce has been stolen from the Pizza Parlor.


Click “Whodunnit?” to read more on the article.


Here is the latest newsflash on the column on the left! It tells us that the Cove “Pizza Party” has been cancelled due to a massive Hot Sauce robbery!


Here is the second main article! It tells us that the rebuilding of the EPF have been stopped.Image

Last but not least for main articles in the newspaper, here is upcoming and currently taking place events!


Cool! A NEW furniture catalog coming on the 11th April 2013. I wonder if there will be a NEW igloo catalog. Also, there will be a NEW pin on April 18th 2013. As usual, there are jokes, Q&AS and some other articles in the newspaper which are scattered around which are not of high importance.

Have a nice day!







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