Marvel Superhero Takeover Starts April 24th

Hi Peeps! I have some exciting news. The Marvel Superhero Takeover, after a successful party last year with the same name and theme, will be taking place in April, starting on the 24th.

Here is the confirmation from Spike Hike on the Club Penguin Blog.


By Spike Hike on March 28, 2013 – 13:43 | Comments (0)

Greetings True Believers!

I’m unbelievably excited to announce the return of the Marvel Superhero Takeover on April 24th!!

There are many secrets ahead, so I won’t spoil the surprise, but I can tell you this is an almost ENTIRELY NEW PARTY with new heroes, new villains, and new places from the Marvel Universe!! You are not going to want to miss this…

Excelsior… and Waddle On!

– Spike “The Penguin” Hike & The Club Penguin Team


EPIC! I missed the Marvel Superhero takeover last year, so this year will be a great opportunity for me to experience it. By the sounds of it, it may be completely different from last year and will host some NEW Party Rooms and Costumes of Marvel Superheroes.





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