Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 Cheats

Hi Peeps! The Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 and it is absouletly EPIC! To assist you, I have published a whole page of cheats and tips to the Puffle Party 2013. This year’s Puffle Party is based around the release of the highly anticipated Rainbow Puffle and Grand Opening of the Puffle Hotel!

Here are the cheats.

hello welcome puffle party 2013

There is a new Puffle Party 2013 Catalog in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

catalog for the puffle party 2013

There are lots of items including a NEW Rainbow Puffle Outfit! Click on the part of the “I heart my Rainbow Puffle t-shirt” that is circled to look at the hidden item. Sadly, this time, there is not a Items For Everyone Catalog, so Non-Members can’t buy anything. Here is the hidden item.

hidden item in catalog for puffle party 2013

In the Ski Lodge, there is the Puffle Play Zone! 🙂 As usual, you can still play Ice Fishing and go up to the Ski Attic which is not decorated. Members can transform into a Puffle by entering the small blue door. A screen will appear and you can turn into any Puffles that you own! If you don’t already own a Puffle, you can buy one for 800 coins at the Pet Shop.

olly transform cp

This time, I will choose my first Puffle that I got, Olly! There is also a text bug. When about to choose your Puffle it says at the bottom “Choose Your Olly” instead of “Choose Olly”. YAY, I AM A PUFFLE! You will stay a Puffle until you go onto your Player Card and click “Transform Back Into A Penguin” at the bottom of the player card.

olly transform cppuffle o olly

coollegoguy4 as a puffle called Olly

Lets go to the Puffle Hotel!

welcome to puffle hotel

In the Puffle Hotel, you can do four tasks. On each task, Members can receive a part of their “Puffle Pro” outfit as well as 150 coins which Non-Members can also get. Once all four are completed, if you are a Non-Member, you can receive a bag of Puffle O’s! Members can also obtain this item and THE RAINBOW PUFFLE!!

Here are the cheats.

Firstly, go to your igloo and walk one of your Puffles, whether you are a Non-Member or Member! Then, come back to the Puffle Hotel and click the Noticeboard. There will be a screen with four tasks that will look like this.



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