Three New Club Penguin Blog Posts

Hi Peeps! Recently, there have been three new posts on the Club Penguin Blog! The first one is about a new EPF mission coming soon!

Here it is!


By PoloField on March 14, 2013 – 13:19


Attention agents!

The team’s really excited about the cool stuff we’re working on for the EPF and we can’t wait to share it with you!

I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but take a look at this:

What do you think happened?!? Looks like we’ll need elite agents on the scene to investigate. So stay tuned to the blog for EPF updates, coming soon.

Waddle On, agents!

-Club Penguin Team


Thanks Polo Field. Looks EPIC! I’m gonna play it as soon as it comes out, it looks so cool. Although, I hope nothing too bad happens to the Pizza Parlor!

The second one is a featured igloos post which was published by the Australian Moderator, Chattabox.

Here it is!


By Chattabox on March 17, 2013 – 18:43

Hey there Penguin Pals!

This month’s igloo nominations were the most colourful I’ve seen! For today’s featured igloos blog, I found not three, but FOUR beautiful igloos that I just had to share with all my feathered friends! Check out all these puffle-tastic igloos below:

I stumbled upon Riyita’s igloo whilst online this week and was instantly impressed with the amount of detail and thought put into this lovely Puffle Day Care Centre. So bright and colourful, if I were a puffle, I’d want to visit all the time! smiley

Sunshine6774 said: “I think Cutie24pie’s igloo should be featured, because it has an area for each different type of puffle and it even has room for a puffle walk way! Check it out!”

Katty017 said: “Hello CP, I hope you could look at my best friend’s igloo Narcissak99. It is really amazing with a puffle salon, chill out zone, puffle hanging lanterns, puffle music, disco floor and puffle feeding area! She has a great artistic flare!”

Sylvia35 said: “Cool igloos gyus! I think my friend Sylvie32 should be shown! It’s an epic igloo for puffles! It has puffle beds for all the puffles (20 different types- Sylvie32 is puffle-mad!) and puffle houses for all the puffles and all the puffles toys and a puffle cannon in the middle. It has a puffle bean bag (with the puffle pattern on- naturally) and 2 puffle chairs and some puffle guards at the entrance. You should seriously check it out! Sylvie32 doesn’t have many likes, because no one comes to her igloo. Anyone who goes there is guaranteed to like it. (Her clothes are also covered in puffles).

I’d like to thank everyone for all the awesome nominations sent through this week! It’s really got me so excited and looking forward to the Puffle Party starting this week! Also, I thought I’d do things a little differently, so for next week I’d love to hear why you think your own igloo design (whatever it may be!) should be featured in our next blog. Let us know in the comments below and keep a look out for our next featured igloos blog- you’re igloo could be in it!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


Thanks Chatta! I love ALL of the igloos featured and I congratulate the proud owners of them. 🙂

Finally, yet not least, is a post about more progress on Card-Jitsu Snow!

Here it is.


By PoloField on March 18, 2013 – 10:11 | Comments (26)

Hey penguins,

Big thanks to all the ninjas who shared their Card-Jitsu Snow strategies – you guys are clearly playing smart, with tons of great tactics to win the game. I was super impressed by this tip from batmanfan9:

What i would do is wait for a while until it looks like all players have a power card.Then i would wait from them to place it then i would put my power card with someone elses and try to get a combo because i like the power it gives you when you make a combo.

Awesome battle plan, batmanfan9! Combos rock. We added 10,000 coins to your account for having your comment featured this week! And I’m totally going to use your tip!

We’re already into our third week of the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test! Can you believe it? I guess time flies when you’re battling Snow villains!

And the team’s been crazy busy taking your feedback and fixing bugs to make the game better. A couple weeks ago we showed you some of the bugs we’ve been working on. Well, here’s an update.

Resolved bugs:

·       #1090 – Users are able to enter Bonus Round even if player is KO’d during game

·       #795 – Health bars for players who have left game still appear on gameboard after exiting – tile remains occupied

·       #1042 – Music will occasionally double up in game – multiple tracks will play at once

·       #1011 – Some Power Cards appear blank – missing assets

We’ve still got lots to do to make Card-Jitsu Snow the best it can be, but we’re thrilled with how the Beta Test is going. You’ve given us a ton of VERY valuable feedback! Keep playing!

Waddle On…

-Club Penguin Team


Thanks again Polo Field! 🙂 I think that it is great that Penguins can test CJ Snow out and report bugs to help the Club Penguin Team out with fixing bugs. If you haven’t already tested CJ Snow, CLICK HERE!





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