New Puffle Party 2013 Sneak Peek By The Disney Programme “Game On”

Hi Peeps! Here is a video made by the Disney show “Game On”. Currently, I think it only airs in the US, and unfortunately not for us in the UK. But, its OK because we can view a recording of that section of the show on YouTube! Also,
thanks, Thechamagool9 for uploading it to YouTube! This video shows us the reception (bottom floor) of the Puffle Hotel and also shows us that we will be able to access the Pet Shop from the Puffle Hotel and vice-versa. It also shows the rooftop pool party along with the Plaza. The party starts on March 21st (You probably already knew that) and that the Puffle Hotel ” Is here to stay”. Also, it shows us the final version of the Puffle Hotel construction in the Plaza and what it will look like! It also tells us that we can actually take an elevator to reach the Puffle Spa and Gym where we can groom and exercise our puffles. EVERYONE can hang out ANYWHERE in the Puffle Hotel. It looks like members will be able to accomplish four tasks (one is released every couple of days for the member to attempt and accomplish), where each time they can earn some coins and a part of their Puffle Pro outfit. After all four challenges are completely completed, you can earn a special bonus item. Then, once you achieve all the tasks and obtain your bonus item, you will be able to use the cannon to shoot up into the clouds and get the RAINBOW PUFFLE!! Finally ,it shows us a part of the RAINBOW PUFFLE QUEST way up in the clouds and at the end, tell us that EVERYONE can earn a box of puffle o’s that will perform a special move!

Hope this helped you.

ONCE AGAIN, A HUGE THANK YOU TO Thechamagool9 from YouTube for uploading the video.

I hope to see all of you at the Puffle Party 2013.




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