New Featured Fashions-March 11th 2013

Hi Peeps! Every week or so, DaffoDaily5, the main UK moderator and blogger, posts on the Club Penguin blog a selection of penguins who have been nominated by their friends/other penguins who have seen their awesome outfit before. The penguins that are chosen are usually in theme with the current date ( E.G Hollywood Stars when it was the Hollywood Party ). Here is yet another exciting set.

Here they are!


By Daffodaily5 on March 11, 2013 – 07:35 | Comments (156)

I hope you’re all brill! I’m super excited to tell you that I’ve adopted a new pink puffle named ‘Blossom’! She’s fluffy and bouncy and I can’t wait to show her off at the Puffle Party :). This edition of Featured Fashions is dedicated to all you puffle super-fans who like to show the world how much you love your pets!
I think Arhan20 looks so ace with his blue hair, shades, and guitar! I’m sure he loves to rock out with his blue puffle; the red cape looks super cool too!
Brookestar54 must love her pink puffle as much as I love mine! The ‘The Twilight Sky’ hair goes so lovely with the pink boa and t-shirt. Pink pink pink – looks brill!
Pink and yellow- my two favourite colours! Ghada 898, I really like your boa and checked shoes! I have to ask though… Is that candy floss for me or your yellow puffle? YUM! XD
Make way for some super-cool -ness! Megan74850 looks epic in the green ‘Pattys Hat!’ and matching green puffle T-shirt. Are you listening to ‘Gotta Have a Wingman’ on that iPod? :p LOL
Thanks for being puffle-tastic! I’m off to give Blossom a tour of the Island 🙂 Don’t forget to leave your nominations for Featured Fashions in the comments below; I’d also love to know the names of your puffles, and what you get up to together!
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team


Thank you for that DaffoDaily5! This week was themed around the new puffle outfits from the Penguin Style catalog in preparation for the Puffle Party 2013 which is around the corner; arrives on March 21st when THE PUFFLE HOTEL CONSTRUCTION WILL BE COMPLETE!!





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